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Don’t Be this Guy This Summer

Don’t Be this Guy This Summer! 

Guy Sweating in Chair with No AC
Sweating Guy with No AC

Summer Blues, AC Repairs Fredericksburg VA, Summer is the worst time to have AC repairs on our systems. down. Out of sight out of mind our AC units runs all the time on and off all summer long. So when do we notice our AC units have a problem? When our house gets hot during warm days. Now you sit there like the guy above waiting for the AC repair company to come and fix your AC unit with Summer Blues.

What do we do when it breaks down to avoid Summer Blues, AC Repairs Fredericksburg VA  , we call to try and find a AC Repair company to come out the same day. As a customer trying to find a company during the peak season is a struggle. So what can you do to prevent AC Failures, Having your AC system maintained by a Professional HVAC Company to do a evaluation and find any issues pre-season this is where a technician can identify weak or failing components.

So what can we do to STOP the Summer Blues, AC Repairs Fredericksburg VA Preventive Maintenance? Preventive maintenance helps ensure that your Heating / AC  system runs at close to peak efficiency.  What’s important for you to be aware of?   During your Warranty period the manufacturers may request for you to provide proof of annual maintenance.

So here is a something to thing about, would you drive your car 100,000 miles before you change your oil?

Then why would let your AC system run 100, 000 miles with out servicing it? Just does not make any sense does it? This is the most expensive piece of equipment in our home, Don’t Be This Guy! Call D and L Mechanical Services at 540-295-6697 and Remember to Wave Hi To The D and L Guy.